Liverpool was hit by Inter at night 1-0.

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Liverpool earned their old merit from a 2-0 first leg victory to secure. A slightly terrifying qualification for the Champions League quarter-finals. After Inter Milan won 1-0 in the second leg.

Liverpool who won 2-0 in the opening match. Sent Mohamed Salah, Diogo Jota, Sadio Mane in an offensive game together. While Inter Milan opted for Alexis Sanche. S paired with Lautaro Martinez in the front.

Starting the game for 7 minutes. Inter Milan got a chance to shine in the moment Arturo Vidal headed for Denzel Dumfries to fire from the right in front of the penalty area. But still not through the hands of Alisson Becker 

Local Liverpool had some chance in the 16th minute Trent Alexander-Arnold opened the ball into the penalty area for Virgil van Dijk to head into the frame. But not through the hands of Samir Handanovic 

The Reds should have taken the lead in the 31st minute from a free-kick that. Trent Alexander-Arnold opened for Joel Matip to strike. But the ball hit the beam heavily. The first half ended 0-0. 

In the second half of the 59th minute. Inter should have scored a great goal. When Marcelo Brozovic opened the ball from the left into the penalty area for Lautaro Martinez to catch and turn the starting line from the right. The ball to ricochet the local players before leaving a little after

The visiting team took the lead in the next 2 minutes, Matip opened the ball without being cut before Alexis Sanchez chimed in, although UFABET Lautaro Martinez hit right from the left side of the penalty area. Passing the ball into a beautiful triangle until Alisson Becker jumped all the way but couldn’t save it.


The situation took a turn in the 63rd minute when Inter Milan were left with 10 players after Alexis Sanchez received a second yellow card for a slide in and could not hold back a foul on Fabinho, causing him to be sent off.

After having the advantage of more players than Liverpool, it is clearly better to control the offensive game and should equalize in the 76th minute when Sadio Mane passes the ball to Mohamed Salah in the penalty area. But the ball hit the pole 

In injury time, Liverpool almost got it again, Trent Alexander-Arnold passed the ball to Luis Diaz, the substitute caught and fired in the box, but Arturo Vidal flew in. Ball blocks bounce over the bar to incredible heights. 

Ending the game Inter Milan defeated Liverpool 1-0, but a total of two matches as “Reds” won 2-1, making it through to the final 8 teams successfully.