Ancelotti does not pay attention to the performance of the King with Karim Benzema.

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Carlo Ancelotti does not hide that Real Madrid’s performance depends on Karim Benzema. The White King will open home against Chelsea in the Champions League quarter-final second leg. On Tuesday night, in the first game, Los Blancos defeated the famous London club 3-1 first. 

At a press conference on Monday. Spanish media asked Ancelotti if Real Madrid’s performance this season depends on Benzema.

“Karim Benzema is a modern striker in the past. The No.9 will stand in the box and will complete whatever comes their way.” the Italian UFABET said.

“Karim is a striker that modern football needs finishing, playing, working on defense. He is the perfect example of what a modern striker should be today.

“This season has revealed that there are two strikers who have performed extremely well, Vinicius and Benzema. In the past we have had Cristiano and Bale. Our team depends on Benzema. It’s true nothing to hide I am happy as it depends on Benzema.

The question builds on what media outlets asked Xavi Hernandez after Barcelona’s 3-2 win over Levante on Sunday about Azulgrana’s performance. Stay with Pedry or not. Which the boss from Camp Nou avoids answering the matter.

Karim Benzema make his debut from 1996-2005. Play in professional youth football in Lyon French youth club. Then in 2004-2006 was promoted to professional club football in 2004-2009 with Olympique Lyon 2009. Which is the current club that is currently participating in football. The style of play is very skillful and agile. And has great agility throughout play in the forward position.