Carragher believes Haland must tune in more before getting into the boat.

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New Manchester City forward Erling Braut Haaland has been questioned by Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher. If he can really influence the team when the tag. The idea that Dortmund is currently using is related to Josep Guardiola.

City have announced a £ 51m release clause from the 21 – year-old. Who will join him from the 2022 pre – season. Adding another striker will succeed Julian Alvarez from River Plate .

Carragher believes that Haaland is a quality striker with a lot of potential left. UFABET But the expectation of a high-explosive shot from the start was difficult in his view.  

“ The truth is, it’s a great signing. Not only with Manchester City , but with the entire English Premier League . ”

 Carragher said.  

“ I think we are all amazed to see the quality he is capable of . Haaland and Kylian Mbappe look like two superstars who will step up to replace Messi , Ronald. Do – it’s so gratifying that he chose to play in the English Premier League . ” 

“ Because usually players of this grade do not go to Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but I believe because the English Premier League is currently the strongest in the world. You can see how well we did on the CHP stage . ” 

“ That guy will score a goal. when looking at past work history But it doesn’t guarantee that City will sweep every trophy. Because you have to fuse that guy into the team system first. ” 

“ That means City have to cut one creative player out of the game. Originally useful to help them have more possession of the ball. control the game situation

“ It caused me to have a lot of questions in my head. It’s time to analyze that pillow’s work. But for sure, Manchester City used to have a world – class striker like Sergio Aguero ‘ Cun ‘ and then one , there will be another one. ”

Incidentally, the former Liverpool defender added that the existence of Haaland would not have much effect on Manchester City ‘s English Premier League play, but would remove the team’s weaknesses when playing the PSC and need a sharp spear to change a few chances . be the door which throughout the past season was clearly miserable