Dean Henderson questioned the possibility of moving out with a loan deal

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Dean Henderson questioned the possibility of moving out of Manchester United with a loan deal in the winter 2022 if team manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer saw that Da Bid de Gea is more suited to the number one position than him.

According to Sun Sport, the 24-year-old. Dino has yet to make the first team appearance in the 2021-22 season due to the coronavirus. After recovering, he has to knock rust on the U23s. Before two games and it is expected that Wednesday’s Carabao Cup third-round tie against West Ham will not be ready due to the side effects of the virus.

With fitness still a lot behind De Gea, plus the spanish’s confidence in his continued appearances are two factors. The British goalkeeper has begged the boss. If he can look for regular matches with other teams on loan in the winter market

That makes many teams escape from the league where the loan quota is still vacant. Whether it’s Newcastle, Norwich or Watford, if the performance has not improved. Henderson is ready to be released. will immediately snap 

‘Dino’, outstanding but lacking luck at Euro 2020, was named as 26 generals at first, but was injured during a personal training session at the Aon Training Complex and had to withdraw his name. According to ufabet reports.