Antonio Conte has said Tottenham Hotspur need to boost their confidence

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Antonio Conte, the Tottenham Hotspur manager, has said his team need to boost their confidence. including time to work together.

Golden Spurs chicken open house beat Vitesse 3-2 in the Conference League Group G battle on Thursday past. There were three red cards in that match, one for the home team and two for the away team, with the London club now taking 7 points from four matches.

“It was a very crazy game. Usually I don’t like games like this at all. Crazy games mean anything can happen. But at the same time I think we should win and win.

“We were leading 3-0 but then conceded two goals that we could avoid. We ran into trouble after getting a red card. Winning while having to endure hard times is good for these teams and players.

“They have to develop their confidence. want to work a lot The problem is that we have to look for time to work. We have two days until the next game (against Everton on Sunday) and then rest the international program.

“Of course we have to develop. It is not easy because we have two days to prepare for this game [against Everton], now we only have one day, tomorrow (Friday) it is impossible to work with the players who played tonight. They use a lot of energy. Tomorrow they have to rest and we will work with the players who are not playing.

“We have to have a little patience. Because we have to work in many areas, both tactical and physical. I’m not afraid to work I know that it is only work that will get you past the most important goals.”