10 benefits and precautions of “Rang Chuet”

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10 benefits and precautions of “Rang Chuet

The other day I saw a post from a common person. Write about the benefits of Rang Chuet , saying. That it is used to feed dogs that have poisone. and narrowly survived. It makes us wonder how much benefit the said Rang Duel has. Can it use to neutralize poison? If anyone is wondering the same thing. Let’s try to read at ทางเข้า ufabet the benefits of the Rangchuet.

What is Rangduet? Let’s get to know its name.

          Thunbergia laurifolia Linn. The scientific name is Thunbergia laurifolia Linn. As for the English name, The trumpet is called laurel clock, blue trumpet vine or laurel-leaved thunbergia, but in our country, the trumpet has quite a variety of names. Whether it is Rangchuet The strength of a white elephant, the edge of a cha-nang, the green mountain range, the green medicine, the spit, the cold trough, the duwa, the phut, the swampy water, the yam yae, the add-ae, the vine or the thorn, etc.

Rangchud botanical characteristics

          Rang Chuet looks like a creeping plant. There are greenish-brown vines. The shape is quite round. The leaves are oval, the base is round. The width of the leaves is about 4-11 centimeters, and the length is 10-16 centimeters. The leaf margins are quite square. The leaf tip pointe and slender. The leaves are thick and shiny. The petiole is 1-6 centimeters long.

          The petals of the Rangsit flowers are purple. Conical shape The calyx is smooth. The tip of the petal is divided into 5 lobes. Each lobe oval shaped and the tip is round. The inner tube is yellow with 4 stamens. The fruit of the Rangbila is round like a tube. The tip pod is pointed and slightly curved to form a bird’s beak. Young pods are green. When mature, the color will change to a blackish-brown color. If fully matured, the pod will split into 2 halves.

10 good benefits of Rangchud

  1. Relieve internal heat and thirst
  2. Neutralize fever, reduce fever
  3. Mask wounds to make them heal faster. Especially burns and scalds.
  4. Reduce toxic effects from ingesting toxic substances pesticides, herbicides, and poisons.
  5. Reduce poison from poisonous animals horseshoe crabs and puffer fish.
  6. Relieves symptoms of various allergic rashes
  7. Helps reduce and quit drug use. Because it effect on the nervous system similar to some addictive drugs. Can use along with treatment for patients. Who want to quit drugs.
  8. Hangover cure Treat alcohol poisoning from drinking too much.
  9. Helps reduce blood sugar levels, controls diabetes and blood pressure well.
  10. Contains antioxidants Helps fight cancer

Precautions for eating ragweed

Even though the properties. This good. But the Food and Drug Administration or FDA announce. That it is not allow use ragweed food ingredient in food. Including drinks. That some research has found that If eaten for a long time, it may cause the blood system, liver, and kidneys to function abnormally.

If you want to eat Rangchud to get the benefits you want. No side effects Should not ingeste in too high a concentration. Should not eaten for too long in a row Or should you take it alternating with food? or other types of herbal tea. In order get wider variety of beneficial nutrients.