Passion for playing football with Bruno Fernandes

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Passion for playing football with Bruno Fernandes. He is supreme Commander of Manchester United, he can create impressive by scoring 4 goals from the field 4, the first game of the Premier League, England with the team . ” red Devils ” hold head firmly on the table.  

However, than Bruno will become a superstar player like today He had to pass many important tests. Especially coming out to play football outside his hometown for the first time with Novara. Team in Serie A Serie B, Italy  , I must say. Challenging and the mind is too broken 

Now let’s try to recall the memories. Let’s talk about this number 18 star . About life began playing professional football at the Novara team. through the perspective of the person who touched him closely to reveal a very interesting perspective . It may be more or less beneficial for shins who are discouraged on the football journey.

– Paper of Effort –

” Cristiano Giaretta ” flashes back memories. During his time as Novara’s sporting director A small club in the Italian league , dating to the year 2012 , he met a young man named ” Bruno Affairs Anand’s ” full of talent and blessed pilgrimage marks discovery pride for him so far. today

Gieretta starts talking about Bruno. The child he met as a youth of Baovista. In the Portuguese League, “ I worked in the role of sporting director for 15 years.  I’ve never touched any smarter player.  or you can Simply put, that I’ve never really met anyone like him. ”

Passion for playing football with Bruno Fernandes

“My trustee said Want me to try to get a game of young Portuguese who see it will be rewarding for sure , ” Jia Moretti’s saying ,” So I decided to leave before the children of this technique. very wonderful He excels in situations where he faces one-on-one opponents. His decision was equally good. ”

Gieretta added, “ The only thing I never forget is Bruno’s body structure back to that time He was a very thin child. But he showed what he called character. more than other players of the same age. ”

“ When his feet touch the soccer ball It has his existence on it too. ” As a result , Gieretta brought those thoughts. went to tell the chairman of the Novara Club By giving the definition that this is ” New Rui Costa ” ( Legend of the Portuguese national team ), resulting in Novara decided to buy it.

Passion for playing football with Bruno Fernandes

We could say that Bruno and his journey to play football abroad for the first time in his life. It’s never been so easy Especially as a child aged just 17 , Gieretta said Bruno had to face an important test.  

Aside from homesickness being alleviated With the father , mother and girlfriend always come to visit. Bruno stuff have to survive by yourself that’s a matter of language

Back at that time, Bruno English fundamental to understanding the basics with the only other person that the knowledge of the Italian language. is equal to zero

But that didn’t stop Bruno from giving up, Gieretta said of his unforgettable impression. And it’s a story that many people may not know. “ I visited Bruno at the dorm and found a post-it note. full of paste This is a reminder tool. ”

“ When he looked at those post-it He would be able to learn basic vocabulary. He posted a post-it written in Italian. which means “table on the table” , pasted in Italian which means chair on the chair and paste in Italian That means that the refrigerator it on the refrigerator . “

“ I think it’s a very smart act. Over time, approximately 1 month , Bruno was able to speak Italian , then his attitude is great. Despite being a 17-year- old, he has a strong personality. ”

Time passed nine years , Bruno was sticky post-it effort of the people. Become an adult footballer with the symbol of the Portuguese national team The club Manchester United put on the left chest. According to ufabet