Luke Shaw the number 23

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Luke Shaw the number 23, A smile on the faces of Manchester United fans once again from the latest game that opened the nest to beat Newcastle 4-1.

There might be some awkward moments in the first half where there is almost no opportunity to do it in a noticeable manner. Including the timing of being equalized at the beginning of the second half that caused the disciples of the Red Devils to tremble slightly. Still, the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo has proven that the team is calmer and ready to turn things around for a while.

Luke Shaw the number 23

Imagine going back to a season or two if the Red Devils were faced with the same situation as they were equalized in the last match. There are times when players go astray for no apparent reason. There are times when the game may stop stubbornly. And there are times when teams will face hard work and miss 3 points.

But as you can see, ‘Ronaldo’ managed to kill the second goal to put the team in the lead after just 6 minutes of equalization. Although after that the team had to work hard to cope with the counter-attack and the speed of the Salikadong attack. But the lines Can handle it before the offensive line comes to score two more goals for the team to win beautifully.

After all, all the praise was directed towards ‘CR7’ and all eyes were on the Portuguese national team’s forward. 

Which is no surprise given that it was his return to the pitch as a Manchester United player in 12 years and his only two goals in the last game have drew the attention of fans around the world. world very well

Many people would have read the interviews, statistics or information that Ronaldo made in the past matches. Which personally would not write about because the attention was directed to ‘Luke Shaw’.

The number 23 full-back of the Red Devils continues to perform well. Sometimes it may not be flashy but full of stability, quality and the results that are hit in numbers.

The last match had a beautiful assist for Ronaldo to score a second goal. Which is probably the most noticeable play for the fans from this back. Or the stroke of strike Miguel Almeeron will bounce down to hit the grass in Old Trafford early in the first half.

Yet, looking at the 90 minutes Shaw has been on the pitch. The England international has played an important role in both attacking and defensively excellent.

Looking at the 90 minutes Shaw has been on the pitch

Successful dribbling 100%

Beat the duel 100%

Passing the ball into the target 92%

8 passes the ball into the opponent’s penalty area

Pass the ball in the last area 4 times.

Take the ball back 2 times

Create 2 big chances

Hit the ball 1 time

1 block

1 assist

That’s Luke Shaw’s stats collected by MUTV’s Statman Dave and ufabet , which point to the players’ performance in past games.

The resulting numbers are great for full-backs. We’ve also seen continued improvements in Luke Shaw, with a player seemingly running out of his future due to a serious injury. But today he has become the number 1 left-back for the club and on behalf of the national team.

Especially the addition of each game that can help support the team’s offensive line a lot.  Whether the ball open space or cutting the opponent’s defensive line to add confusion in the articulation

Many times we’ll see Shaw suddenly appearing in the opponent’s penalty area openly. 

Many times he creates cross chances or passes the ball in front of the opponent’s goal. Which left only a few details to make this Shin more dangerous than before.

But everything that happened to him up until now was a reversal of the situation and the way it was at that time. People may give up on Luke Shaw. But for the 26-year-old it’s a wall that must be overcome. It was a thorny obstacle that had to be broken through, despite the wounds that made him grow.

With an unyielding heart Combined with a commitment of over 100 per cent. Luke Shaw produced a good performance and became the player he sees today.

Of course, Shaw remains dissatisfied with his performance. Because he knows that there are still parts that need to be improved. The key is to raise the level more than before, because in today’s race, you can’t slow down or relax.

but with the signal being sent out in each match So we have seen Shaw, who has only continued to improve. More or less it doesn’t matter because at least we as fans have seen better things from the No. 23.