Tips for making yourself happy Keep smiling and your heart will be strong.

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Tips for making yourself happy Keep smiling and your heart will be strong.

“Happiness” is not a coincidence or destiny. But it’s something anyone can create. Both physically, emotionally and mentally as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Awaken unprecedented health awareness Because people around the world believe that Having good physical and mental health is the key to happiness

Be it physical, mental or emotional health, they are all incredibly intertwined. For example, if you take good care of your physical health by eating well and exercising regularly, will have a positive effect on the heart rate lowers blood pressure and anxiety which is related to the release of neurotransmitters that affect happiness

The secret of creating happiness by oneself should start with “refueling yourself with food”, eating healthy. It’s not only good for adding energy to the body. but also makes you happy This is because a nutritious diet provides essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body and brain. It increases the production of neurotransmitters that affect happiness. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

“Exercise regularly” 

Exercising regularly. and live an active life All are beneficial to the body and brain. because it helps build strong muscles for the body while the brain receives oxygen and nutrients from the increased blood flow. This leads to the production of a happy chemical called dopamine. For this reason, exercise is used to treat mood disorders such as depression.

Finding time 

to relax and recharge is one of the best ways to find true happiness. as well as helping to reduce blood pressure decrease heart rate and calms the mind Give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to find a quiet corner of your own space, relax your muscles from head to toe by tense and relax each muscle, concentrate on your breathing, taking deep breaths. and think of images that make you feel relaxed Guaranteed to energize your mind and help you sleep better.

“Choose to look only at the good” adjusting the perspective of thinking to focus on the good things in life. instead of dwelling on the hardships of life Or interested in the villagers of the channel The results show that Focusing on the good things in life and being thankful for the little things around us makes many degrees of happiness

“Focus on the things you can control.” Stop worrying about the things you can’t control. Then focus on the things we can control, such as habits and work. This year’s birthday, try to get up and develop your own habits to be better in all aspects. Create positive energy for yourself. with a sincere smile And say thank you to yourself every morning and before bed…I’ll be a new and better person.