Green tea and matcha not same type tea. Tea drink know

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Green tea and matcha are not the same type of tea. Tea drinkers must know

Green tea is known very popular drink. It is a favorite menu of many people. People definitely have time to order drinks. Of course, many people are familiar with the words and matcha, which means green tea. But what many things What people don’t know is that both and matcha are the same green tea, but actually they are very different.

Today we went to find information to present and give information to our friends. Let’s understand a little bit about the difference between. And it’s not green tea either? Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Answered! Green tea and matcha are not the same type of tea. Tea drinkers must know!!!

Green Tea are both health-boosting teas and have a strong flavor. But there are differences in production methods, tastes, and consumption methods. Green tea can divide into 4 main types:

  1. Sencha (Sencha) green tea leaves or Green Tea that are bake until dry, have a sweet, fragrant taste at the base of the tongue, easy to drink. The color of the tea is light green.
  2. Genmaicha (genmaicha) roasted rice tea is the combination of green tea leaves with roasted rice and puffed rice. The resulting tea has a unique aroma. The color of the tea is light yellow.
  3. Hojicha (Hojicha), green tea leaves that are roasted through heat. Until the color changes to reddish-brown with a intensity similar to Chinese tea But it has a unique scent. The color of the tea is clear brown.
  4. Matcha (Matcha) powder from young tea leaves, ground finely until able to dissolve in water.

Green tea that is popular and widely known is Sencha (Sencha) or Green Tea and Matcha

How are green tea and matcha different?

Production process

  • Green Tea: Made from dried tea leaves. It is later ground into powder or in the form of both green and black tea leaves.
  • Matcha: produced from green tea leaves. that is taken care of from the planting process By creating a slit to filter light so that not much light can pass through the tea tree. This will stimulate the tea plants to create more chlorophyll to increase the level of photosynthesis before being ground into powder. that will give it a rich flavor and bright green color


  • Green Tea: has a mild taste and sometimes a juicy aroma.
  • Matcha green: has a strong flavor and clear aroma. From the fineness of grinding in the form of powder


  • Green Tea: has a color that is not very dark, usually yellow-green.
  • Matcha green tea : has a rich color.

Priority level

  • Matcha: Playing an important role in tea rituals and art. It is often consider a high quality tea.
  • Green Tea: Often consumed in daily life.

So, although both root in green tea leaves. But there are differences in production process, taste, consumption, and the important role art plays in culture. Anyone who likes any type can choose according to their own lifestyle.